Sunday, June 28, 2015

Trip 3 The North and West Route

In the beginning....we left June 18 knowing that the longer we were at home the longer we would stay there. It is difficult living out of two places and more and more things were moving from the trailer into the house. But it was nice to sit in front of the television and veg out on Dish Network and lay in bed and stare at the television. That is one of the things that I miss, watching movies and our serial shows. I will miss all the college football ( O-H-I-O)! This trip will take us across the top of the US to Seattle and our good friends in Whidbey Island.
It was just as hard to pack from that little stay as it was to pack after staying there a year between the last two trips. But we loaded out on the 18th and made sure we had a full tank of gas. We rolled out about ten o'clock. For whatever reason I didn't feel good and was very sleepy. We stopped for lunch in Fort Wayne and I took a nice nap and guzzled some water. That didn't help my stomach and a few miles down the road I pulled over and deposited lunch back on the ground. After that I felt better and we continued on up US 30 to Indiana National Lakeshore.
We spent a quiet night in the park. We had no water or electric and it was quite nice to have peace and quiet. Part of the changes in the Tahoe included a swap out of its battery with the battery in my Silverado. The Tahoe battery went flat several times and I wanted some peace of mind with a newer battery so if we charged electronics overnight we wouldn't be looking for a jump. All went well for us but in the morning Becky gave a neighbor a jump for his dead battery.
June 19 We went to see the National Lakeshore. It covers 15 miles along the southern shore of Lake Michigan and encircles Indiana Dunes State Park. The National Park wasn't established until 1966 so it wraps around the Port of Indiana also.

 At this location there is a long fishing pier out into Lake Michigan and another fishing pier in the channel going back to a marina. These are handicap accessible and they have a nice boardwalk/paved path along the channel.

Chicago in the distance.

 No pictures of the campsite. I forgot to take them. A funny story while we were there. Friday night we had some neighbors come in and set up a tent. They brought a chain saw and cut up some wood but didn't bring any paper to light the fire. They asked if they could borrow some but we didn't have any either, just some lighter fluid which we used quite liberally to get the fire going and stay going because all the wood we bought was wet. Anyhow, our neighbors were playing music from the truck radio loud enough for us to hear it quite clearly. I went over and asked them to turn it down, I said we were there for peace and quiet not country music. He told me that he was there to get away from the people who told him to turn it down and he really did not want to turn it down. But he did. I don't think he wanted me to complain to the ranger about the loud music or their alcoholic beverages they were partaking in. People come to nature for all different reasons I suppose. We just have to share.

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