Thursday, September 18, 2014

Kelley's Island

We drove up early to Marblehead to catch the Kelley's Island Ferry. We parked in the lot and were the last ones to hop on. They even held the boat for us as we ran down the walkway.

As we pulled to the dock you could see the petroglyph  rock under the shelter.
We rented a golf cart and set out to see the island but first lunch at the Casio restaurant where we had a good view of the water. Patrick ordered a nacho with crab appetizer. It was much larger than we expected.
 All the food was fresh caught off the Gordon food truck. The crab was imitation and the prices were inflated but the margarita w/ Patron was loaded! Glad I wasn't driving.
 The wheelchair tires got a good workout being towed behind the cart.
Patrick took his turn driving and we found out that it was a $250 fine for letting him drive underage. Good thing he didn't caught.
Our next stop was the glacier grooves. The largest and best grooves in the world. There used to be more but they were tore up when they began quarrying stone on the island and this little section was all that was left.

 Looking out at the quarry. I don' think it sees much action anymore.

After looking at the grooves, we toured the island and Becky browsed in the little gift shops. It was a relaxing day driving around the roads, exploring and watching the water. It made me miss my old boat and the fun we had blasting around the lake on it.
We stopped for a good view of the petroglyph rock.

One of the carvings reminded me of an alien. Most of the carvings have been eroded away over time and are not very clear. A link for more information on Inscription rock.
We made our way back to the ferry dock, got cold drinks, some ice cream and then rode back to reality.

Perry's Monument on South Bass Island.