Monday, November 3, 2008

Random DR photos

1. Snorkeling in the pool near the waterfall
2. Cool pineapple drinks, (i was trying to get the girl in the shot too, but she turned, dont tell my wife)
3. Sunbathing
4. Whos flying the plane?
5. Rode ATVs to the sugar cane fields, ate soem sugar cane. The extra boy in the photo came with our guide and the boy drove the ATV most of the time.

More DR!

1,2 Inside the first Cathedral in the Americas
3. Statue of Columbus in front of the first Cathedral. Columbus wasnt famous in Spain until after his death.
4. Running with the bulls on the street of the ladies
5. First sundial in Americas, it still works, it reads 3:00

Dominican Republic Sept/Oct 2008

1. Firing cannons from the Calle de los Dames. (Street of the Ladies) in Santo Domingo. Protecting the New World's first city and harbor.
2. Beach at our resort, Coasta Caribe, Juan Dolio
3. WoooH! Sandcastles rock!
4. Dive boat and water sports hut at the resort. The guys would drag me across the sand tot he boat, pick me up and put me in it and then throw me over board. Rinse and repeat to get back to shore.
5. A good looking troop