Friday, June 12, 2015

The Road Home

June 5 We left George and Jane and headed for Wildside Winery in Versailles, KY. We got there around 2, ate lunch and piled back into the Tahoe for the jaunt home. Of course traffic was horrible around Cincinnati as always but we beat the bushes and got home around seven. Back in OHIO.
Saturday, my cousin Rachel had her graduation party. She finished high school and is going to Mount Vernon Nazarene University on a soccer scholarship. We had lots of picture opportunities and had our pic taken with her numerous times but I did not take one! Anyways Congrats to you Rachel and to your sister Sara who will graduate college this year from Lee University!
On our way to Rachel's party we stopped at Uncle Beth's BBQ and had brisket. Our favorite Ohio BBQ joint!
 Then I turned my attention to getting prepped for the next trip. I changed the brakes on all four corners of the Tahoe and put on new rear shocks. I also discovered that the Tahoe has a fuse for the right rear brake and turn on the trailer. Fuse was blown. All that trouble shooting for nothing.....
New Bilsteins and ceramic brake pads!!
Turns out that I didn't need to leave Ohio to see rare motorcycle's. Tom Brim, owner of Brim's Imports, has a large collection of rare and old bikes. Stop by he will take you for a tour and let you look around. He had these out in the parking lot.

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