Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Moving on

May 1
We have left Site 83 at C.B. Smith Park and are headed to Ohio to see family and to work on the rental properties. We drove north and ended up at Patrick Air Force Base. We like Patrick because they have one spot dedicated to wheelchair "bound" people, as the sign says. Its also a quiet campsite on the Banana River with beautiful views of the sunset. This time of year most of the campers have moved north and they have plenty of empty spots. 

Six months on the road and they we'll be back at C.B. Smith for another six. We like CB. They have several handicap sites which are double wide pavement, handicap picnic tables and nice showers with benches and hand held showers wands. We also like the area. Lots of things close by and I'm close to a lot of good diving and friends.

More from the road to come! But a few pics from the past month:

I did the Intro to Technical Diving class with Kary McNeal from Aquatic Ventures in Ft Lauderdale. We dove the Spiegel Grove and then a nice reef. In the second pic, I'm holding the flag that is on the flag staff of the Spiegel. 

Of course there was more sailing with Shake-a-Leg

 The clouds and the moon conspired to give us a bat symbol over the trailer.
 Becky crocheted an elephant.
 I saw this guy sink after ramming his boat aground on Pickle's Reef
 Beach Days! Second best to dive days!
 Patrick and his friend Dom went boogie boarding off Lantana Beach. Lots of surfers hang out here and the boys got beat up in the rough stuff.

 Becky and I tried out a salt cave. We came out hungry and tired.