Thursday, August 10, 2017

Heading west and north

August 3 We left Ohio to make a big loop through IL, WI and back down through MI. The first day was off to a rocky start when a tenant called the night before to say they had water coming down the wall from the upstairs apartment. I took my Dad and Patrick with me to the apartment and Dad diagnosed the problem while P and I took down a makeshift ramp I used to access the bottom apartment when we worked in it earlier this year. The drain in the upstairs tub was corroded and water was leaking out around the drain and running down the outside of the pipe.
 The water ran down the wall and hit the horizontal seam in the drywall and bubbled out the paint. I had the tenant drain the water from the bubble and dad put some silicone around the drain until it can be replaced by the plumber. 
After we got the ramp boards put away and got back to the camper, we got a later start than we had planned. We scrapped the original plan to take Patrick to see Rutherford B Hayes museum and stop to spend the night at Becky's sisters for the night. P decided he didn't want to go to a museum. If it doesn't have anything to do with staring at a computer or video game screen it is dead to him. We struck west across Ohio and Indiana.
 Old courthouse in downtown Huntington, IN home of Vice President Dan Qualye and his museum.
 We didn't stop at the Quayle museum and continued on the dead straight road to stop at Caboose Lake Campground in Remington, IN. It is built around a borrow pond right on I-65 and the traffic was quite loud. We turned on the AC, which blows all the time, and it drowned out most of the noise.

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