Monday, November 12, 2007

Unnatural Nature

I hate to report that this nice cat, Jessie, to go with Bo and Luke (my sons Duke's of Hazzard theme), fell out of a tree and died on Saturday.

Pumpkin Carving

We carved pumpkins and my hands hurt after it was all done so we made a mummy out of my pumpkin and the dogs promptly tore off the wrappings.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Another wreckless moment

Ramp Jumping

If you think that I had a hand in this, I was only behind the camera. It was Becky who built the ramp and got him going down the porch ramp.

Speaks for it's self

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Tricycles and ramps don't mix

Good thing he's too young to feel that!

Chair Dog

Old Bo has taken to hanging out in the lawn chairs. I cant believe how fast they have grown in a few short months. They are the laziest dogs but they are loyal to Patrick and stay at home.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Stupidity Rules!!

This is what happens when two guys have too much time on their hands and not enough common sense. Strapped to a motorcycle and doing wheelies!

Whistler Bungee

The bridge is 167 feet above the creek so its a long ways to fall. Six guys picked me up and chucked me off the bridge. Richie said "Its not everyday you get to throw your best friend off a bridge."
I pirated the last photo off

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Zip Line

Patrick rode the zip line. At first he was unsure and then about half way down he yelled, "This is awesome!" So he did it over and over again.

Random Photos

1&2 Patrick works his way through a "spider web" and hangs up side down.
3. This guy is riding a trials bike and doing a time ride through the boulders. He can't put his feet down without losing points and hops from boulder to boulder using the bike and a spring. THese guys are amazing.
4. Patrick and Katie
5. The motley crew.

Riding the Luge

Why they put this up and let sane people ride it down the hill I'll never know but man was it fun. Good thing they didnt sell beer to close to it. Lean in the corners and no brakes. Hope the steel doesnt take the skin off your arm. Oh and yeah, we rode it more than once.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Whistler BC

Our hotel in Whistler was pretty sweet and even though it was tight and didnt live up to the handicap billing, I would still take it again. Always thought my first trip to Whistler would be to go skiing but no. More pics to come.

Wheelchair Bungee

I couldnt figure out how to turn this video sideways.

But its cool none the less because I went bungee jumping!!

Trip Photos

1. Baby Katie having her first Cheerios, man she looks happy.
2. Proud papa Richie and baby Bear. Is that Richie or Tom holding up Katie??
3. Patrick, king of the rock in the law front yard.
4. What else to the kids do, watch Sesame Street.
5. Guys on the back deck stoking the chimea, drinking adult beverages and telling stories. This one time in Bahrain.........

Deception Pass

Deception Pass is so apply named becasue the explorer (dont remeber his name) thought that the island was a peninsula. And so they were Decieved (evil music plays) those tricky islands. Anyways, its two really high bridges and they dont have big sidewalks so baby strollers and people in wheelchairs best stay off, this coming from expirence. I do wish I could have taken Patrick for a walk down to the beach because he wanted to go and so I wanted to stretch my legs except these darn legs wont work anymore, grunt groan try. to. throw. them. off. wheelchair. ahhh anyways....back to the car.

We took the fairy from the main land back to Whidby Island and we cut the line because we didnt get over soon enough and we had no clue about what we were doing. The guy we cut in front of told the lady at the ticket booth because he wanted us to go to the end of the line. The lady in the booth shrugged and we told her we had no clue and we still go on the fairy even though the guy was bragging to his buddies about how he got us kicked out of line. Thanks for the favor man because we got to park on the outside of the fairy and had a great view of the bay, the mountains (Mt Baker in the background pic 2) and the wonderful scenery. The camera can't do justice for natural view of the eye on God's beauty. Thanks Buddy and we won't cut next time.


Richie and Tara loaned us their Jeep and we road tripped down to Seattle. Patrick was bored most of the time as a five year old can be. I dont remember being unbored until I turned 21 and quit waiting on life to catch up and started catching up on life.
You can't go to Seattle and not see the Space Needle, and no Shawn, they arent going to launch it off in 2010. Patrick wanted to climb over the safety railing and go sky diving.
After the Space Needle, we went down to the Fish Market and watched the guys at this booth throwing fish to each other. What you cant see in this picture is a Monk fish hanging by it's tail. You can see the tail just to the left of the gray tote. The tail was attached to a rope and a guy behind the counter took great pleasure in scaring anyone who came near it. In this picture I'm telling Patrick that the fish is dead and there is a guy pulling on the rope because he kept saying "Dad, the fish is freaking me out! I want to leave." If I wasnt holding him on my lap, he'd have swum the channel back to Richie and Tara's.
That and he didnt like the fact that the gray tote in front of us was filled with live crawldads.

Ah, Washington, (the great state people not where all those politicians that claim to run the country and spend our money so freely hang out) We deplaned and Richie picked us up at the airport. We decided to go up to the Mt. Baker over look so Richie made a right when we should have gone left and this one time in Washington.... anyways we finally made it there and then we couldnt go all the way to the top because the State hadnt finished the snow removal from the upper roads. It was cloudy so we couldnt see Mt. baker but the rest of it was still spectacular.