Friday, June 12, 2015

Nashville: Parthenon, hotdogs and country music

June 3 We moved further north to Nashville and stayed with some people from Boondockers Welcome. George and Jane have a great property and welcomed us with open arms, water, electric laundry and cooked us some supper. None of it was necessary but they were most gracious and we enjoyed it!

The drive was about four hundred feet long and I had to back down from the road as there was not enough room to turn around. I made it down with one try.

Becky wanted some Tennessee yarn and so the next day we went out to explore Nashville and find her some yarn. I was looking up I Dream of Weenies on Google and saw Parthenon on the map. i clicked it and got all the info. Patrick, a lover of all things Greek and Roman wanted to go. So we went. It is the center piece of Centennial Park built for the 1897 Centennial Exposition.

A good looking lady walks her dog!

After looking around the park, we headed over to I Dream of Weenies. We saw this place on Food Network and wanted to check it out. It was worth the stop. 

Left Patrick's Chili Cheese Dog, My Chili cheese with coleslaw and Becky's slaw dog

Left: Pickle and onions, my dog with chow chow, jalapenos, and onions, Patrick had a chili cheese dog topped with mac and cheese.

Anaconda Jaws
From lunch we drove across town to Antique Archaeology. We watch Mike and Frank on the History Channel on a show called American Pickers.

In the same building is the Bang Candy Company. They make handmade candies and had handmade marshmallows with different flavors dipped in chocolate. Of course we had a couple.

 Patrick wanted to see the country music hall of fame so we drove by it and drove around downtown Nashville listening to snatches of country coming from those old honky tonks. Though they might not call it country anymore.

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