Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Hollywood Beach

November 11 we went down to Hollywood Beach to check out the board walk. We drove around the beach looking for a free handicap spot but they were all taken and we ended up paying for a spot. By that time it was getting to be three thirty. Becky and Patrick tried to swim but found the water to be cold and came out. Then we walked the boardwalk and watched the people go by. One of my favorite past times.

 Our restaurant choice for the evening.

Super moon pulled the tides up high enough that the ocean backed up into the storm drains and flooded the streets along A1A.

Flamingo Road Farmer's Market

November 11
We went up the road (be live on Flamingo) to the Farmer's market.

Photo borrowed from: http://www.flamingoroadnursery.net/contact-us/

 Ms. Becky lover of all things flamingo!

 Becky couldn't help but by a few more plants for her flower garden. After checking out we went over to their on site barbeque and sampled the fare. The $3 corn was good. The food was good but not the best we've had.

Becky's Birthday

November 2
Hey look I brought you to Florida wasn't good enough so we went out to dinner at Mulligan's at Lauderdale-by-the-Sea.

 We had dessert first!

Florida Day 2 and 3

October 31
 Hardwood Smokehouse in Ocala, was our lunch stop. I highly recommend it.
 We took Florida Turnpike around Orlando and got off at Yee Haw junction. The big billboard was in disrepair so no photos:-( We spent the night in the wal mart parking lot in Okeechobee. It said ask to park but there were multiple rigs and semi trucks in the lot already so we just slipped right in. Bought some groceries and slept well. 

 Day 3 November 1 our ending destination until March 2017.
 I've been to Florida eight times and not seen to Lake Okeechobee. I was looking forward to seeing it while we drove around the east side of it. What we saw was a large dike and a canal plus houses and trailer parks.

 Our only view of the lake came when we drove over the bridge rising above the locks at Port Mayaca .

Big Sugar has taken over over around the lake and down into the out skirts of Miami. Massive farms with tenant housing complexes, schools and churches hid among the fields that stretched as far as the eye could see.
Where there wasn't sugarcane there were sod farms.  

We ended our journey at C.B. Smith Park.

We are surrounded by water. Little canals and lakes dot the neighborhoods and keep the land drained and the swamp at bay.
 Our home right in the middle until November 27 when we change spots.

Dauphin Island Ferry and Day 1 of Florida

Back to updating the blog. We've had fun here in South Florida so far visiting with friends and seeing new things. My computer went on the fritz and yesterday (11/14) was spent rebooting Windows and trying to get all my files back onto the computer. Thankfully I had most of them backed up. So back to blogging!

October 30
We didn't take to many picture over the next three days because we were motoring on south to Pembroke Pines. We started at Indian Point RV park and headed east to get on I-10 to go through Mobile. We saw a sign for ferry and looking on the map decided it would be nice to take a different route. Becky called the ferry company and got a time to board and I made the turn onto 188 then 193 to get to the ferry. I may have put up some picture prematurely in the last blog. My memory doesn't serve me well because there were multiple long bridges and lots of beaches we looked at. Anyways.....

We made it to the ferry on time and only had a short wait before we boarded.


 Patrick was impressed with all the oil rigs. They seemed to be everywhere.
Fort Gaines
 On the other side of the ferry the road went into town and bent away from the beaches reconnecting us with I-10.

We spent the night at a Flying J. Had supper at the Denny's. Other than the Denny's playing music all night it wasn't a bad place to stop. This is a shot of the morning crowd at the RV parking. We were separate from the truck lot.