Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Hand controls, Lift and the new cap

June 13 We dropped off the truck at Fitzpatrick Enterprises south of Columbus for the hand control installation. We picked it up on Friday the 17th. We got a Leer cap put on yesterday the 20th. Thanks to you taxpayers for funding the VA!


June 1, 2016 We drove to Cleveland and stayed at the Streetsboro KOA.
 The office had a nice long handicap ramp up to the porch but the front door had a three inch lip to get into the store. I made it holding onto the door but anymore and I wouldn't have gotten in.

June 2nd I my annual appointment at the Wade Park VA and Becky and Patrick did some sightseeing.
June 3rd We drove back to Upper Sandusky for my niece's high school graduation.She's off to Bowling Green next year to get her degree in early education.

We drove back to Cleveland after the graduation and got back around midnight. In the morning, we got up early so Becky could drop me off at the Cleveland Writer's Clinic. I'm trying my hand at writing a thriller novel.
After the clinic, we stopped at Melt Bar and Grilled. Patrick showed off his anaconda jaws.

Sunday we took the day off and spent it lounging around the camper.
Monday we went to Cuyahoga Valley National Park. The park preserves several waterfalls and also parts of the Ohio and Erie Canal running from Portsmouth, Ohio to Cleveland.

 We drove up to Great Falls which on the park map look like they are accessible from one road but are actually hidden at another spot. The parking lot is off Taylor Street in Bedford. The park is accessible and the paved path winds all the way down to the falls. It was steep in some places but I was able to do the trail by myself by going backwards up the path. It was worth it and the falls were flowing really well from rain we had Sunday night.

 This is the year of the cicadas. They come out every year but this is the 17th year where they all hatch at once. They were everywhere, 

These are the holes that they come out of after they hatch.

 After seeing Great Falls we were all ready for something to eat and drink.

I had chili and slaw. Very good!
Parts of the Canal

Locks based on Leonardo Di Vinci's designs

 The final stop in the day was Brandywine Falls. The cicadas were intense here and you could see them swarming in the trees. The sound was so loud that people were walking around with their ears covered. The trail is accessible via the boardwalk. To get a great look at the falls, one needs to be able to walk down the stairs or go on one of the hiking trails to the base of the falls.

Then it was back to the trailer and we had dinner (tacos!) with my friend Cory. It did happen I swear just no pictures.