Thursday, February 18, 2016

Trip Stats

Total Miles Cruised: 19,218
Gas: $5,225.75
RV Stays $2,228.85
Some of the places that we stayed were free and those were some of the best sites.

Am I happy that we went out and did this trip? Extremely! Will we do it again? Absolutely! There are places on that map that we haven't see and the whole east coast and New England. It is bittersweet to end the trip back at the house. Sweet that we are home and can see family and friends, bitter that the trip has ended and we are here for the winter. I have decided that we need to concentrate on taking care of a few bills and wrapping up some loose ends so the next trip will be even more worry free.
The trailer and the Tahoe need maintenance that I put off for the last couple of weeks because I didn't want to do it on the road. Now I get to do it in the cold but on concrete with a well equipped shop.

So we are here fingers crossed that the house sells. If it doesn't then we will still get back on the road. I won't leave this blog as a frozen time capsule to be unearthed for the next big trip. We will do some short road trips and I have some projects in mind that I will share and keep you informed about. But I would rather be on the road and I really would like to be in Florida doing some diving. 

Close to leaving again

If you read through the blog from the beginning you know that we put our house up for sale so we could go full time on the road. After two years nearly to the day that we put the house on the market, we finally accepted an offer. Why has it taken so long? I don't know. I can count on two hands the number of showings that we had in two years. We had two people get into a small bidding war and we got what we started asking for it in the beginning.
If all goes well the house will close by April 1st and then we have fourteen days to vacate the property. We have to find a place to house our stuff that we're keeping (I know where most of it is going). Buy a new truck to tow the camper and get it fitted with hand controls. Right now I'm looking at a Chevrolet 2500HD.
The trailer needs new brakes and tires. Plus I want to build a new cabinet in the back for Patrick's stuff. Lots to do in the coming weeks plus Patrick is starting scuba lessons to get certified and then we can dive together. Looking forward to getting to Florida again to see friends and do some diving.
The plan right now is to go to Florida and then go up the east coast.