Monday, April 13, 2015

Back on the road!

We finally left the house on April 7 around ten am and headed south on the first big adventure of 2015. We planned to travel off the Interstate as much as possible so we could take our time and see new sights instead of just slogging miles to get someplace. So we left on Route 68 and took it all the way to Lexington, KY. Then we crossed over to 60 and ended our day in Versailles, KY at Wildside Winery. We found the winery through Boondockers Welcome. They had a nice level site for us to park in the scenic rolling hills of horse country. We didn't have water or electric hookups but we survived and enjoyed an evening of wine tasting and gentle rain.
The bridge over the Ohio River on Rt 68

We had some light rain and it was nice to be rolling through the hills.
Patrick pledged his undying love for the beautiful countryside of Kentucky marveling at the massive fields of green grass, the horses and the miles of pasture fencing. I marveled at how much grass people mow.
The morning was a little dreary with fog and rain. But what a beautiful place to spend the night! 

Some of the wine is aged in old bourbon barrels. There were front page newspaper clippings of the Kentucky basketball team hanging on the barrels.

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