Friday, November 3, 2017

Heading for Florida again

October 16 We got a late start after running a few errands in the morning. We ran down Route 33 through Ohio to 77 in West Virginia and motored to Charleston. Steak was on the menu for supper and we bedded down in Beckley, WV at a Walmart. This year we convoyed with Becky and Patrick taking turns driving the blue Impala. P just got his permit and logged quite a few hours.

That's us in there. The semi on the right came in and idled his diesel all night. He was noisy.
 Sights down 77 through WV and Virginia

 Patrick takes the wheel. Scary as _______!!!!

 You may remember a few years ago we went out to Washington and spent a month living at the Law's house. Richie retired from the Navy and moved his family to North Carolina. Our lives are busy and we had time to have dinner with Richie and the girls. Tara wasn't feeling well. Hope you get better sweetie!
Spent the night at the defacto RV park, Walmart.
 Had a small stretch of highway on the way down but most were back roads and nice driving. The arrival times were comparable.
 What that old Alabama song: "Cotton on the roadside, Cotton on the ditch, We all picked cotton and we never got rich."

 Walmart over night south of Ocala after a supper of barbecue.
 We arrived! Back at CB Smith Park for the winter and maybe longer.
 Of course we had to go to the beach! It was really windy. We took our part-time kid with us. He was sure glad we were back!

Even Florida was glad to have us back!

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