Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Motoring back to Ohio

May 12
Becky decided that Patrick needed some clothes for the funeral so we made some stops at the local stores in Anderson, SC to find pants, shoes and a shirt. Its tough to find pants for a tall, skinny boy. They found some clothes that would work and we motivated on down the road. The fastest route was down around Atlanta and I swore the last time I took the ATL outer belt that it would be the last. So, we drove through the mountain headed for Becky's aunt and uncle's in Cleveland, TN. 

 As we entered TN, part of our drive was along the Ocoee River, pronounced Acoy. It is a local white water rafting mecca. During the Atlanta Olympics the white water portions were held here. The white water is created when the dam releases water. Normally the river looks like the picture below, a mellow, rock filled channel. 

 During water release.
We made it to Cleveland in the rain and set up camp in Sam's driveway. Iris had a bout with car sickness or she ate something weird because she pooped and puked in the back of the truck. We had to hose her, her cage and the truck bed off.
An evening of companionship was enjoyed by all over a spaghetti casserole. 

May 13
A few images of crossing Jellico Mountain on I-75 in Tennessee. 

 We stopped just north of Cincinnati for supper with our friend George. He has moved back to the states after seven years abroad in Singapore. Welcome back, brother.
We got to my dad and mom's about ten o'clock and got the trailer set up.The next day we caught up on sleep and did some visiting with family.
Monday was Wally's funeral and we laid to rest a good man. He was a Marine, fought at the Chosin Reservoir in Korea and invented heated dog water bowls, retired from a factory and was a father of three, grandfather of many and a great-grandfather to a lot more. He was a gruff, tough man who did things his own way. We all loved him. Taps always makes me cry.

The last month has been filled with dealing with rental property issues, renting, remodeling and wishing I could sell a few. We have plans to do some traveling next week.

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