Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Evergreen Air and Space Museum

9/7 I have to thank Tom Law for turning me on to this place. I thought that the Spruce Goose was still in California but it was sent up here to a purposely built museum for the big plane. This was oen of many of Howard Hughe's triumphs and it is a big one. The largest wooden plane ever built and flown. Built as a transport plane to dodge those pesky German wolf packs in the Atlantic the Spruce Goose flew one time on a taxi test that Hughes himself was at the controls of. He flew the plane a mile at about 70 feet off the deck. There was a man at each engine monitoring performance and several others in the plane to document the test. They must have been scared to death when Howard pulled that yoke back.

 To bring a little extra income in, they built a water park using an old 747.

 The thing is so big that it is hard to get a good picture of it or impress on you the size of this monster.

 The plane was deigned to hold two Sherman tanks or 750 troops.

A V12 engine from the P-38 Lightening. IT had two engines one rotated clockwise and the other counter clockwise to offset each other.

P-38 Lightening saw operations in ever major theater of WWII

 The SR-71 Blackbird spy plane dujour.

 Under the watchful eye of Mt Hood.
 A few shots of Portland

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