Saturday, July 18, 2015

South Pass and the Grand Tetons

July 13 Monday we set off for South Pass. This is the famous pass on the Oregon Trail where the migrants crossed the Rockies. So many stories revolve around this place, so many famous people crossed here and I wasn't one of them. We had about half a tank of gas that was a mix of the 85 and 91 octane. Our mileage was better but we were also towing our trailer up a 7549 foot pass. That might not seem high compared to the mountains around us but towing a travel trailer didn't help us out.

We stopped at the overlook at mile marker 24 on WY 28 to look down into Red Canyon.

We turned back to Lander and filled up with some 87 octane and the mileage fiasco seems to be over with. Turns out that 85 is a throwback to the days when vehicles still ran on leaded gas. It doesn't do well in modern engines and can damage them. We seem to be alright as our mileage returned to normal. 9mpg.
Tanked up we headed west again towards Grand Teton National Park and Gros Ventre campground.
The landscape was always changing and keeps us entertained. 

 We started seeing these rock formations west of Dubois.

 Becky ohhed and ahhed over all the flowers. She very much loved seeing them in bloom across the fields.

Finally the Grand Tetons!
It took us a few spots to find one that we could fit in and would work. We found a decent one and spent the night watching people try to park massive rigs in little spaces. It was entertaining.

"Fats" I mean Baby, goes for a walk in her harness. She has gotten used to it and likes to walk Becky all over the place. Becky reads a book while the cat "walks" around.

This moose was spotted by some other campers and Becky stalked it into the bush for pictures.
 We finished the day with food cooked over the fire.

Becky had her sweet potatoes

Patrick and I had regular potatoes but we all enjoyed the meal.

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