Saturday, July 18, 2015

Grand Tetons

July 14 We drove down to Jackson to look around. Becky wanted to visit a yarn shop and indeed she bought some yarn, dark blue. Then we drove around town, bought some groceries and went back to enjoy the day. It was 39 degrees when we got up in the morning and only warmed to the mid seventies. In the shade it was cool and I had a stocking cap and sweatshirt on. The guy across from us was wearing shorts with no shirt while stringing his fly rods. In the sun it can sometimes feel like an ant under a magnifying glass.

July 15 We drove the scenic loop around the Grand Tetons National Park.

A statue in the visitors center dedicated to the trappers who came in and out of the region.

Chapel of the Transfiguration. Everyone rang the bell in the little covered shelter. 

 Menor's Ferry was at the same stop as the Chapel so we toured the buildings, this old cabin and a general store, procured some root beer made in Jackson Hole and Patrick took a ride on the replica. It used the flow of water against the sponsons to power the ferry across the river.

Guided river trips were available.

 We stopped for lunch at Trapper's Grill in Signal Mountain Lodge. The food was decent wasn't too high priced.

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