Saturday, July 18, 2015

Murphy's Law

July 16 The plan was to get up early and get into Yellowstone to a first come first serve campground on the north end of the park. We had the Tahoe hooked up by 8:30. The battery on the trailer was dead and so I had to hand crank the jack. Becky discovered that the awning wouldn't retract. Grrrr.....okay, we backed the trailer up so that we were out of the road and I began to unhook the trailer so we could run into town and get a new battery. With everything unhooked we decided to see if we could jump the trailer battery with the car and that worked to get the awning in and got enough juice in the battery to run the electric jack.
Hooked back up we had to wait in line to pump out. We had lost an hour but were on the road.
We took Route 89 north through Grand Tetons NP into Yellowstone with the speed limit at 45 mph. Then in Yellowstone they were doing construction on multiple roads in the park. So that backed us up to almost one oclock getting to our planned camp site but by then it was full. We continued on to Mammoth which was full and then out of the park to Gardiner where we gassed up and made a few phone calls to see if there was anything in the area. Everything was booked.
When leaving the park, I cooked the brakes stopping on a downhill section. Smoke poured off them and for the rest of the day they were spongy and faded. We traveled north on 89 again looking for a place to land. Everywhere we stopped was full and so we moved on to Livingston. We found an opening but decided that it was a little sketchy so eventually we ended up at Big Timber KOA near Big Timber, MT. What a long day in the car. A few pics through Yellowstone.

If you want to know where the wildlife is, look for the stopped traffic and the yahoos running along the road snapping photos. There were some bears milling around which had traffic stopped in both directions with cars on the shoulders making it a tight squeeze to get through.
When we got settled, I pulled off the rear tire on the Tahoe and looked at the brakes. They looked good. Probably need some new brake fluid. The next day I pulled off a tire on the trailer and looked at the brakes on it. They have been squealing but looked alright. I did grease all the bearings on the axles. I had problems with the 12 ton jack I bought when I bought the trailer. I ended up buying more hydraulic fluid for it and bleeding it down. It still doesn't work the way I think it should but it got the trailer up and didn't lose pressure so I could rotate the right side tires. The rear is wearing the outside very heavily so I moved it to the front.
As I write we are enjoying the sound of like the tenth train to go by the KOA today along with all the highway noise. It's a loud place. 
Patrick said, "If I ever find this Murphy guy, I'm going to kill him."

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