Monday, July 20, 2015

All American Road Beartooth Highway and Mammoth Falls

July 19, 2015 I was looking at the map and read All American Road. Of course we need to go see that and check it out. It was worth the drive. Leaving the KOA, we zoomed down I-80 and then hopped off to twist around in the hills to Route 212 headed for Red Lodge, MT. The Route.
We made this loop around taking the time to see Mammoth Hot Springs so that we could avoid the road construction from the west entrance north.

What made this road so fun. Look at those twisties!
Red Lodge was holding the 21st Annual Biker Rally so there were bikers everywhere. It looks like a nice little town to get out and check out but there were so many people milling around and we had a long drive ahead of us that we bypassed it for now. It has been agreed upon by Becky and myself that we should come back to visit this area. We both find it absolutely beautiful.
Pics from the cell phone through the windshield not up to the usual standards. But hey its just pics of Harleys. 

From Red Lodge we got into the mountains. Lots of pics here so take all the time you need.

These chubby little guys were everywhere darting in and out looking for a handout. They would climb right in your hand to eat.
An uphill roll to get to the overlook. Worth the effort.

This is a river at the bottom of the canyon on the right side of the overlook. The overlook was partway up the mountain. We didn't hit the top until several miles later.

The marvelous road. I always wonder who decides to build a road here and why? It doesn't really matter I guess because so many people come to enjoy it and to get from Montana to the east entrance of Yellowstone.

The overlook from an overlook.

Becky takes pictures of the flowers.

On the left edge of the pic is a ski lift and they run a ski operation here when it snows. Its all steep black.

hey Grandma Sara we found snow!

At the top of the peak. Becky looked over and saw a familiar RV and said that's Randy and Laurie. Sure enough we met them on top of Beartooth after camping with them at Gros Ventre.

This is downtown Cooke City. Its a busy place. We had deep fed hot dogs. They were good! (They didn't have any coating on them)

This big boy in the foreground was rolling in the dust.

The herd stretched for several miles along the river grazing and watching the fishermen and tourists.

Baby Buff
Lots of people out fishing. Must be a popular spot.

This big boy was just laying by the road about 25 yards out.

Petrified Tree.

Undine Falls on the north park road.

View of Mammoth Hot Springs from the visitors center.

The water shooting out of the ground formed this cone. Eventually the water ran out or changed directions and the cone is now dormant.

We went up on top of this big formation. The drive was closed so we couldn't do the loop to look at all the hot springs and no one had the energy to traipse a mile and a half to see them. 

I was told no cave diving in this sink hole. Something about the water being hot and corrosive.

Becky taking a picture of the elks in Mammoth. This black car was full of Japanese tourist who stopped in the middle of the road and held up traffic for five minutes. That's a lot of traffic.

These guys perked up because a young lady was riding around on her motorcycle while taking pictures with her cell phone. They didn't like her revving engine or her driving practices.

Mountain goats.

Mama and her baby. We heard that these guys were extremely shy but we got to see them up close and personal in both Badlands and here in Yellowstone.

Roosevelt Gate at the north entrance. It appeared as if they were building a road so you could drive through it but it was under construction right now.

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