Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Riding to South Dakota

July 3 We left TRNP and headed south after pumping out the trailer and gassing up. We headed down ND 85 for a place to stay in Oral, SD. Boondockers Welcome had introduced us to some new friends in Oral who were allowing us to stay in their driveway over the fourth of July weekend.
Views of the road. Every rise was like this. It seemed almost desolate at times but there was always plenty of traffic.
 In Buffalo, SD there was Centennial Park commemorating all the things that happened in the county. We had lunch in the park.

The building in the background was the original gas station for the town built in the early 1900s.

In MN, ND and SD they bail hay along side the roads. I think all farmers should do this.

Once we got into and past Sturgis, the Black Hills began rising from the long waves of prairie. It was a stark contrast from the fields of wheat and waving grass to see pine trees. A lot of the soil is sandy and doesn't have much topsoil so crops don't grow as well.
This was the road to the LaBaird's place.

We were here for a few days and really enjoyed our time there. Patrick enjoyed hanging out with all the kids on Saturday and Sunday. We all had fun.

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