Saturday, July 22, 2017

Warren G. Harding Home and Tomb

July 21, 2017
Becky and I have lived in Ohio for 40 years and neither of us have been to Harding's home or tomb. We've drove by it a lot and finally decided we should go. First was a stop at 29 Brew Pub. I had the Chicago dog and some of the best homemade potato chips I've ever had. Worth the stop alone!

 On to Harding's home. The house was built in 1891 for Harding and his future wife, Florence. They lived there for 30 years before he was elected to the presidency. He died in office and Florence never returned.
The home is not accessible and the tour takes about an hour. Becky went on the tour and listened to the guide tell stories about the President. They have 5000 original artifacts belonging to the President and his wife. The family is donating another 2000. They will close the home in September of this year and reopen in 2020 after a restoration to 1921 when Harding was giving his front porch campaign speeches. A presidential library will be built to house the artifacts and his presidential papers.
What is accessible is a small house that Harding had put up for the reporters when he was doing his campaign speeches. The house was a kit he bought for $1000 from Sears and Roebuck and put up in two days.

 The reporter house. below
 In the above picture, to the right is a tin structure on wheels. It is described below.
 Inside the reporter house are artifacts and information boards and a fifteen minute film.

We stopped by the tomb several weeks ago. Here are the pics.

 There are 46 pillars because 50 was too expensive.

To leave you off, a picture of the place we are staying from a distant hill.
 I made a mount for my camera so it is front of my face and not on top of my helmet. Hopefully it wont get in the way...too much. Look forward to shooting some underwater video for you!

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Karen and Tony said...

You look half man/half machine! :-D

I hate when places use the "historic building" excuse for not providing wheelchair access. At least the new building will be built to ADA standards.