Saturday, July 15, 2017

A few photos from around us

May 23 We bought a new to us car so we could have another vehicle with us in Florida when we return in November. It became a He and Becky named the car Jeremy since the truck is Gina. Why we suddenly decided our vehicles needed names....I have no idea but they do. He is a 2014 Chevy Impala. It had high mileage which dropped the price. The car was in immaculate condition and so he came home with us. I had hand controls put in it because originally it was to be my car to drive around. Becky drove it and declared it to be her car. I had a 2002 Corvette and it had 350 HP, sadly this Impala has a V6 that makes 305 hp with direct injection. It has some gitty up and go!
 We were out traveling around Wyandot County (home of the last Indian reservation in Ohio..the wyandots) and drove through Swartz Covered bridge, one of two covered bridges in the county. This one was built in 1879. It crosses the Sandusky River. 

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