Saturday, July 15, 2017

Ohio to Bloomington, Indiana

June 21 We left our base at my parent's house and headed down to Miamisburg, Ohio. Our friend, George Schlub was graduating from the police academy for the second time in his life. He had to re-qualify after living in Singapore for seven years where he became a master trumpet maker and sells his horns around the world. He graduated as Top Gun, the best shooter in the class. He is an amazing shot and an NRA instructor. He and I have had many adventures on road trips and scuba diving.

June 22 We left George's house where we parked in his back yard. I forgot to take pics. Our destination was Lake Monroe Village south of Bloomington, Indiana.
I always associate Indiana as dead flat with corn everywhere. But in the north there are beautiful sand dunes along the lake where experimental airplanes once flew in the early 1900s and in the south are curving roads and rolling hills.

 As is my want, I see a sign and pull over to investigate. We kept seeing signs for historic canal so we ended up in Metamora, IN.

 Of course after lots of walking, we treated ourselves to ice cream at this interesting place that holds the Guinness record for the most cookie jars, over 3000. 

From Metamora, we headed for the campground. We had to make the big horn in the middle of the route because a road was closed. Here we go, flat and corn!
 I made reservations and ordered a concrete pad. It was extra money but well worth it. They had a decent handicap shower and restroom, a pool (no lift), the roads were decent and we had a nice spot.

June 23 I took some classes at Southern Indiana Scuba to become a inspector for scuba tanks and to become a valve repair technician. The classes were scheduled for two days and we ended up cruising through the material in one long day because I was the only one in the class.
June 24 Becky went to Indianapolis to visit with a friend and Patrick and I stayed at the trailer. It was a nice quiet day.

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