Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Trapped in a time warp!

Aug 12 We got Oak Harbor on July 27 and it seems like we got stuck. But its been good to just let out the belt and prop up the feet and enjoy being in one place for awhile. That being said, we still get out and do things so here are a few of the things we have done. I write this we are being serenaded by some of the Navy's finest F/A-18 pilots doing touch and gos on the base runway. Tom and Kath's house is about a quarter of a mile from the base runway and it can be quite loud.

Aug 6 We were supposed to go to Vancouver to see my uncle. The cat got out of the trailer and tangled with some of the dogs. She had the skin torn off her belly and multiple puncture wounds. Becky had me wrap her up but the swaddling clothes didn't stay on too long. We ended up taking her to the vet and she had surgery to clean up her wounds and get stitches. now she must wear the cone of shame!

Aug 9 Tom called his friend Fiasel and Fiasel took Patrick up for a ride in his Piper Cherokee 180. Such a nice little plane and Patrick got to fly.
Fiasel does a brief pre-flight walk around with Patrick.

Fiasel showed up in this slick Delorean. I like this guy's style. Becky said the car was ugly. I think that was just because Micheal J Fox wasn't in it.
 The hanger across from Fiasel's was open and I wandered down to look at it. This guy is a big time hunter. I thought it was pretty cool.
I like the giraffe leg table under the giraffe head.

Ma, I found Cecil!
After the airplane ride, we drove back to Oak Harbor and picked up Katie and Izzy to go to Pig Fest. There was a free bbq pulled pork meal with bun, tater salad, cole slaw and water. Yummy food.
The line up

The girls danced with the native Indian dancers and a pig.

The Dodge dealer was having a little car show. Some Daytonas and a Super Bird showed up along with some other Mopar junk.

Patrick ran against the bungee cord.

Katie at the top.

Patrick and his new buddy raced for the top. Patrick beat him. They hit it off talking about Pokemon. He had on a Peakachew (?) hat.

Katie and her friend climbed the wall.

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