Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Fun with the Laws!

Wednesday I started in getting the trailer brakes straightened out. I had over greased the wheel bearing following the advice on a YouTube video. There was grease all over the brakes. Tom took them apart and cleaned them and put them back together. I helped him as much as possible because he wouldn't let me do much. The left front brake pads were about shot so we ran up to Camping World and got a whole new brake assembly. I opened the box when we got back and they had given me a 12" brake not a 10". I called it a day and went to get a new brake in the morning. Put everything together and hopefully the brakes don't squeak anymore.
While we did that Patrick took advantage of the motorized fun and the zip line to fill in the time.

The battery on the go cart kept falling off so Patrick learned about crimping wires, solving problems and doing some mechanical work. Then the front wheel came off and we had to replace the wheel bearing in it. If you're going to play you gotta know how to fix it, especially if it is someone elses toy.

Patrick learned how to use a clutch and how to kick start a motorcycle riding Richie's CRF150. He doesn't have the solid weight or technique to kick it off properly so it takes him a lot of tries. Tom told him if he couldn't start it he couldn't ride it and fired it off so he knew it would run then shut it off for Patrick to start. After a few goes like that Tom let him ride it without starting it because Patrick had such a hard time starting it. Later he hit a fence post and bent the brake peddle and scrapped the skin off his knuckles and shin. We got the peddle straight and Patrick called it an evening.
  Saturday night Richie, Tara, Becky and I went out to a shooting range, drilled some holes in paper. Becky shot her first gun and really enjoyed it. Then we went to dinner and talked away the evening. Sunday we went to a bike park that Richie and his daughter Katie like to ride.
Richie gives Patrick some pointer before heading off.

Richie comes through the whoops and Katie rolls through the pump track.

Katie killing it in the pump track.

Patrick (in the center) rolls through the whoops.

Katie adds her flair while her dad rolls on in the background.

I caught Becky and Patrick sitting on the couch eating breakfast. They looked so much alike.

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