Thursday, February 20, 2014

Started, finally!

We got out around ten on 2/14/2014. Valentines Day. We were headed for Bonne Terre Mine in Bonne Terre, MO so I could scuba dive with a group from Columbus Scuba. In Indiana it decided to snow four beautiful inches as we drove through there. No pictures, I was busy wielding the four wheel drive as I-70 closed down and we were routed onto Route 40. We went almost all the way into downtown Indianapolis. It was stop and go once were were back on 70. After struggling for eight hours to cross Indiana, we stopped for dinner in Terra Haute, it was cold and snowing and generally sucked since we were trying to leave all that behind. I noticed that the trailer running lights weren't on when I parked and after we ate, I looked at the trailer wiring cord going to the Tahoe. It had drug on the ground and scrapped a good section clean through. Three wires were no longer attached so I set about to splice them in the 5 degree cold plus windchill. By the time I had the wires wrapped up in duct tape, cause that was all my family could find in the trailer, my fingers were so numb I could barely feel or work them. Th
e lights didn't come on. So after some prayer, swearing, rechecking all the connections and then finally the fuse box in the Tahoe, we found a blown fuse. I was so cold that I said nuts to driving three more hours to Bonne Terre in the dark, miserable, cold and we got a hotel room.
My wiring bundle. I spliced three and folded the other three up to make this ball of duct tape.  

 2/15 West on I-70 and then south on I-57 until it joined I-55, We crossed over where the Ohio joins the Mississippi and then rolled south toward Memphis. Had lunch in Uncle Joe's in Ina Illinois. Real fine bar-b-que if you get the chance to stop. Talked about seeing Graceland but not at $35 a person. Rolled on south to Senatobia, MS. 51 degrees when we rolled in to a motel and ate at the Waffle House, ugh, I always say never again and then I do it again. 
Saw Washington Monument Cellphone Tower in Ridgeland, MS just North of Jackson.
2/16 A five hour drive to Livingston, LA and Lakeside RV Park (LA). It was 70 when we arrived!! YES warm weather. Set up the trailer and got things hooked up. Ate our first supper out of it on the trip and then headed for bed.

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