Thursday, February 20, 2014

Clean rig, Boudin balls, traffic jams and Texas

2/18 Washed the trailer and Tahoe getting rid of the salt, snow and road grim from our run south. It was good to have a clean looking rig again and we fit in with all of our neighbors. Then we filled the propane tanks and headed for League City, TX. We were waylaid in Scott, LA at Billy's Boudin and Cracklins. When I was in the Navy, Sonny Weber had introduced me to boudin (pronounced Boo-dan)  so when I saw signs for boudin, I had to stop and introduce the family to this southern phenomenon. We had boudin pistollettes (fried bread rolls that are stuffed with boudin), and boudin balls. The balls had KFC extra crispy type breading on the outside and boy were they good!
Boudin Balls
Then it was on across Louisiana on I-10 on the long bridges above the swamps and the big bridges above the bays. Patrick kept saying everything looked like Ohio, well not this buddy, not even up  by Lake Erie.

Then we made it to Houston at rush hour and this was what we found.
A massive parking lot where we turned off onto I-45. It was moving and we got to Space Center RV Park about six and got set up in a hurry. we had supper and then lounged until bed time. Well Patrick dd math corrections and other school work.

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