Sunday, February 23, 2014

Riding to Ol San Antonio, Old Gruene, TX

2/22/2014 We left our super loud Space Center RV Park and headed for San Antonio. We hooked up the night before so it was a quick matter of getting on the road. We rode through downtown Houston and enjoyed the sights of the tall buildings and the Farris wheel from the freeway and onto I-10. The land changed from the swampy lowlands to flat and arid.

 We stopped at this place for food. We like to try the local stuff and stay away from the fast food chains that we could have any place.

 Inside looked like this! Wow, holy stuffed animals. There were even more that I didn't photograph and the owner had a large portrait of himself on the wall. It seemed heavily patronized by the locals but we found that it was the worst place we ate on the trip so far. The meat was bland and then they covered it in their "sauce." All the side dishes were out of a five pound can from the grocery store.
  Back on the road, it was a three and a half hour drive from our place in League City. Then we got off the road and went to the San Antonio KOA.
A lousy photo facing into the sun with the cellphone. This place has lots of trees and you can hear the birds sing, not the endless freeway traffic.
Iris is settling in nicely and is doing a fine job of riding along and provides encounters with strangers and little lids. She seems to know who to go to to be pet. Some she will even turn away from.

2/23/2014 After another night of aching backs and restless sleep, B and I decided to look at mattress toppers. We went out to Camping World in New Braunfels and ended up buying a new mattress and new sheets and some chotzkis. Becky had spied a winery on the way down called Rohan Meadery. It a long drive out to it so I found a place near the Camping World that sold it. We ended up in historic Gruene, TX at a place called The Grapevine.

On the Top 40 Places to Visit in Texas.

Becky came out with a bottle of this and she drank a glass of it, I a glass of locally brewed creamy stout and P a root beer that made his belly all fizzy.
Lots of cool looking vehicle, a Porsche 911, a Mercedes AMG 6.3, a Victory motorcycle, a Can Am Spyder and other motorcycles. We ate at a place called Mozie's Bar and Grill. I had excellent fish tacos, B had a Ruben and P had sliders. Between the food and the root beer, his stomach was upset. Then we went to the Lucky Ewe Yarn shop. She got herself a skein of locally spun and dyed yarn. It was dyed with local flora and fauna products to look like this.

In the trailer, she had been busy making it home and doing little projects. She bought plants at Home Depot and a little planter. I thought it was funny because the bottom of it was made from Hardibacker for tiling bathrooms.

The tallest plant is an elephant ear and the tall one in the middle is an aloe. Somewhere in there is a zebra plant with stripes.

82 DEGREES PEOPLE! Sorry family trapped in the cold north. 

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