Sunday, September 3, 2017

Change of Plans

The plan was to leave for Florida after Labor Day. One of my tenants didn't pay rent for the month of August and I went by his place to check on him. The front door was open with the keys in the locks. No one was around but his truck was down the road at his friend's house. After several days of the door being open, I decided he had moved out so I went in to check things out.
Special thanks to my mom and dad and nephew Jordan who helped clean the place out in one day. Becky stopped by for a few hours too. 

 It was all so organized, yet out of date. Rice, beans, and the bags on top were pancake mix and potato flakes. One of the cabinets was also packed with them.

 The back room.
 The front bedroom where he used to sleep.
I was going to clean everything and move on but the more we checked things out the more it just looked like things needed to be made new and whole. I was going to have to do it sooner or later, I chose sooner.
Patrick's favorite day. Demo! Things look pretty gross.
 The door to the bathroom did not open all the way, instead hitting the stub wall for the tub. I wanted to move the door and of course get a new tub into room. We ripped open the wall to find strange construction practices.
 This was behind the medicine cabinet. Who the hell wired that?
I'll post up photos of the new bathroom.


Karen and Tony said...

What a mess! We had to clean up after tenants several times but it was never that bad. We do not miss being landlords.:-D
Hope that most of it just needs a good cleaning.
You don't want to be in Florida now anyway!

wheelsonfire said...

I just post the bad pics. Most of the tenants leave the place in good order. We're remodeling. It needed work. Still heading to Florida. Can't wait to be back in the sunshine!