Sunday, September 3, 2017

Ah, the U.P.

August 18
Before we could leave West End Park, we had to empty the tanks.
Then is was on the road again
Our destination was the Isle Royal National Park Visitors Center in Houghton, MI. We were about to make the turn in Bruce Crossing when Becky saw a yarn shop and we just had to stop for Michigan yarn.  Lots of dead straight roads in the UP.

Houghton was doing construction on the road that runs along the waterfront. Finding parking was a little tough. It allowed us to see where the first hockey games were played in the United States.
 Top left, you can see what the stadium looked like when it was first built. Pretty ornate facade.

 The outside, modern day.
 The next stop was at the Isle Royal NP VC. Becky and I discussed going out to the island. We decided to not make the trip as it would have been six plus hours on a boat just to see the boat dock. Not much of the island is accessible as it is all primitive wilderness. There are three ferry boats that run to the island from different points on the mainland. This big boy is one of them. Look close and see that they are craning a boat off the ship.

 scenes along the waterfront. A ski hill with a heck of a view.

 I saw a pamphlet for this place in the Isle Royal Center. It was north of Houghton a little ways and we got to the small museum honoring the copper mining that went on in the area. We had seen many of the same types of things in Arizona.

 Once again there are a lot of little campgrounds in the area. I couldn't reach most of them because it was after five so we headed north for Sunset Bay Beach RV Resort. I'm not sure its a resort...We found the place down a long one lane dirt road and we got the last spot large enough for us to not have to unhook. The guy had just called to cancel his reservation and we got there just before another rig pulled up looking for a spot. We were blessed.

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