Thursday, April 24, 2014

Turqoius Trail and Captain America

4/16/2014 We drove up the Turqoius Trail. "[The] name comes from the blue-green turquoise first mined by the early Pueblo people, an agrarian based society dwelling along the Rio Grande as early as 900 A.D., The stone has become nationally recognized as a precious stone to be set in silver and gold. The Spanish arrived here as early as the 1500s. Francisco Vazquez de Coronado was the first of many explorers in New Mexico. Missionaries. Spanish settlers and Anglo-Americans all followed and joined the native American Indians already here. Today the National Scenic Byway is home to many modern day settlers and host to tens of thousands of visitors a year!"
I didn't take pictures because it looked like about all the rest of New Mexico, rolling hills, mountain vistas and small scrub pine bushes.
 Then we stopped for our picnic lunch and then acquired tickets to the Regal Cinema 14 in Santa Fe to see Captain America: Winter Soldier.
Thanks to The Hub @ TTU
I have always liked the Captain and they have done a good job with him in the movies that he has been in. Then it was back to the American RV Park in ABQ for the evening.

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