Friday, April 4, 2014


One of my favorite movies stars Kurt Russell as Wyatt Earp in Tombstone. So when I rolled into town I expected to see Wyatt, Virgil, Morgan and Doc Holiday strolling the streets in their long black dusters and Colt .45s.
I wasn't disappointed. 

The Cochise County Court House. They even have the old hangman's noose out back.

We are all safer with him here.

The facilities. Ladies first!

One of the Helldorado sets.

The world's largest rose bush.

 This next one is a panoramic

Becky suggested this wall paper for the next house........uhm NO!

Helldorado set.

I was attempting to give the boy rabbit ears. I was heckling the gun fighters (crowd participation was encouraged) and Johnny Ringo said to Patrick, "is that your dad?" P nodded. "See what you have to look forward too. I'd grow that beard out and cover that ugly mug of yours too."

Ringo took a drink of "spring water" from the canteen. It was dust. He got a good mouthful. It was scripted and improved at the same time. The crowd booed and cheered and heckled and were heckled.

The drunken sheriff (in black) takes a bullet from Ringo right before he runs out of blanks. He didn't pick up enough for the scene and had to have Ringo toss him a couple.
There was lots to see and do in Tombstone. We took the trolley tour and then went back to the trailer for lunch and put Iris in the cage because she is afraid of the shooting. Iris tows me at a dead sprint and she was pulling me back to the trailer when I leaned forward to brake the front wheels and flipped out of the chair at full speed. Skinned up my knees pretty good.
After lunch we went to the gun fight and comedy show. It was good, I recommend it. Then we walked around town and took in the history. Just about all the old places charge an entrance fee to go inside and see the history. You could have spent a lot of money there between the gun fights, the buildings and the trinket shops and eateries.
On the way back to the camper, I was using the Free wheel and when we got to the camper, I noticed that my right front caster was missing. Fortunately I had received two sets in the mail about two weeks ago. The maintenance guy here at the RV park found a screw to hold it on and we were back in business. Amazing how things work out like that.
Tombstone was fun but I wouldn't want to hang around here for long. I'd go broke or stir crazy. There isn't much to do in the town and it is in the middle of nowhere. So tomorrow we are moving on!

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