Friday, November 4, 2016

Remodel Follow up

We finished up the remodel in the middle of October in beautiful fall weather. Thank God for the heat wave!
  We started on September 9th with the demolition. A few photos of the before demo. 
The door jamb was completely busted along with the jack and king studs. It took dad eight hours to replace the door.

The guy went bonkers and put a lot of holes in the walls. This was the worst. It didn't help they also had a dart board they hung in multiple locations.

The washing machine overflowed and damaged the floors. It didn't help that I used stick tile over luan. I should have known better.

 Pictures during the remodel. I started using ceramic and hardwood because it seems to last much longer. Its a larger up front cost but over the long term is much cheaper.

 Becky said we needed an accent wall. It was a hit with the woman who rented the place. She thought it was the perfect color.

So that's what we spent September and October on. I'll have another to do next summer. When we finished up, we had a week to get everything ready to leave. It was a hectic week cramming in lots of last minute things.

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