Saturday, July 23, 2016

Tamiami Trail

July 17 Sunday
We're back on the move and headed towards Ohio. I don't think any of us are excited about it. Maybe Garrett because he's missing his family. Garrett wanted to see gators and we knew that we could see gators at the Big Cypress National Preserve. When we came through last year, Patrick counted 32 gators.

A bit of the Tamiami Trail.
 So after all the build up of telling about the 32 gators, we saw 2. Last time was during dry season and the water was very low. Now it was wet season and the gators were elsewhere.

The new rig in all it's glory. Love the acceleration and braking on it.
After our gator adventure we moved on up the road and came to rest at Indian Creek RV Park. It was a 55 and older park that was pretty much empty for the summer so the guy let us in and told the boys to behave themselves. We set up just in time to sit through a rain storm and then Becky announced BEACH DAY! Patrick groaned and Garrett was like, let's go!
We went down to Ft Myers beach parking and parked for free. Then we enjoyed having the beach mostly to ourselves until sunset when everyone turned out to see the day off.
I was in on two accounts. I have specialized equipment and Veteran's plates.

Beaching done, we had a bit of ice cream at the DQ by the pier. Then we strolled around the shops and was back at the beach to watch the sunset along with half the town.

The bridge to Sanibel Island is on fire!! No run people, run!

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