Friday, June 12, 2015

Panama City

We left Crystal River on May 26 and headed north. We had to get a jump start because the Tahoe battery was dead. Then we stopped at the grocery store for some ice to put in the black water tank. I filled the left rear Tahoe tire with air, it has a slow leak and looked at the lights on the trailer. The right brake and turn wasn't working. The next stop was for a bulb for the Tahoe right brake light that was out and a new bulb for the trailer. No dice with the new bulb. So we rolled out anyways having lost time thinking that we would not make it to PC in time to check in at the famcamp at NSA Panama City which closed at 5.
Becky had wanted to visit Panama City after reading a John Grisham's "The Firm" which set in Panama City.I have been to PC on several occasions, once on deployment with HM-14 in the Navy and once with George Schlub to do some diving. Both times have some great stories behind them. Reliving good memories and making new ones!
We forgot about the time change into central time and got into the base with an hour to spare!
I wanted to take 98 down and along the coast but we were running short on time.

We stopped here for some lunch. BBQ places everywhere in Florida.

Tightest spots we have been in yet. Glad I didnt have to back it in.

Took this with my phone on zoom. On the left is the concrete seawall where HM-14 and HM-15 fly off of when they are doing maneuvers here at Coastal Systems Station and testing mine countermeasures gear. On the left is the LCAC hovercraft. 
 It rained everyday we were in Panama City. So the beach wasn't as spectacular as it could have been but there were people out enjoying them selves and swimming in the ocean.

It wasn't that cold. He just wanted to wear a sweat shirt so some reason.

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