Friday, June 12, 2015

Crystal River

We left Koreshan Park on May 15 and rolled north ignoring Tampa and the heavy traffic that crowded us on all sides on I-75. We ended up at Crystal Isles RV park in Crystal River, Florida. This is an area that is know for its heavy manatee population and it is popular to dive and snorkel with manatees in the many springs that turn into rivers.
We were tucked in by the entrance and by the ice cream stand. We got to see a steady parade of people coming and going getting ice cream, going to the pool and driving in and out of the park. It was an interesting site.

May 17 We too a trip to Rainbow River with American Pro Dive Center. Becky and Patrick snorkeled with several other people and I dove with several divers. Got a 23' depth on an hour long dive time. Lots of little springs flowing up from the bottom of the river through the sand. Lots of bass and other small fish. There was a cavern at the end of the dive that we could get inside. I had to drag myself in over the rocks because the flow of the water was so strong. Once inside the cavern the flow rate reduced because I was past the venturi effect. It was a fun dive and well done by our guide who was former Army EOD.
This is where American put their boat into the water. Nice little park where people tubed, kayaked, fished and boated out of.

A view of underwater at Rainbow River.
 We spent a lot of time at the beach down the road from our camp site. It was small but it was well kept and by far the nicest handicap facilities at a beach yet with paved paths to one of the shelter houses and plenty of room for a wheelchair to get around. I didn't get in the water but I still got a good tan. There was also a nice boardwalk through the trees and an accessible pier for fishing and sight seeing.
View driving out to the beach

Becky knits on the beach! She does it everywhere!

Our last visit to the beach we got to watch the storm roll in. It really poured after we got back to the camper. The guy in the cowboy hat by the tent was also staying at the RV place. We had a nice talk.
Over Memorial Day weekend there were over one hundred campers come into the park. It was a mad house! They had a boat ramp and on Saturday it was an hour wait to launch your boat.
Patrick decided that he needed to shave his mustache and uni-brow. So we bought him some razors and cream and turned him loose. Shaving at 13!

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