Saturday, May 16, 2015


May 6 (Revenge of the Sisths for you nerds) We did laundry and Patrick worked on school. In the afternoon, we went up to Marathon Key to do something that Patrick has talked about doing since the last time we were in Florida. Go parasailing. We went to Captain Pips.

After we took off, Patrick said it was pretty anticlimactic and wondered what we would do for a whole hour up there. But we weren't up a whole hour because the hour starts when you leave the dock and ends when you get back to the dock. The boat captain was training a new first mate on how to run the chute and hook people up. When we pulled up to the dock they told us that I was not only the first paraplegic that they flew but we were the first customers that they flew. Breaking in a brand new operation right.
Becky sprang for the pictures and when I plugged in the SD Card just now, there was nothing on the card. I'll have to make some calls. I was glad B was along to shoot some of our own B roll.
The captain asked what my bag was for on my leg and I told him that's where I keep my cold drink.

A good day was capped off with a hand rolled cigar from Key West cigar and a cold drink. Not from my bag though.

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