Saturday, May 16, 2015

Key West

May 5 We drove down to Key West to look around and check out the sights. We had been here five years ago and wanted to recreate a photo from then at the Southern Most Point. But there was a cruise ship in town and there was a line about twenty people deep at the point so we decided to skip it.
Here is the photo. Patrick is now taller than Becky and pushing six feet. 
We drove around looking for a place to park. We found a place and paid the $20 parking fee. Later we would find out that we could park for free on the street with a handicap placard. Oh well, this saved us in the future! We walked around the area and if you're not into drinking or paying ten bucks to walk into every museum then there isnt that much to do. There were a few museums that I wished I could get into but they had steps and multiple stories in old buildings not up to ADA codes. The Mel Fisher museum is worth the money though. he found the wreck of the Atocia, a Spanish treasure ship and recovered lots of lost loot.
Becky wandered into all the nick nack shops looking at over priced tourist crap. I did buy some stickers and postcards.

We shot this one though. Patrick was standing on the box last time, this time he was bending at the knees. Aren't they cute.

They had a nice historical time line setup detailing the history of military conflicts involving Key West and the Florida Keys including the succession of the Conch Republic. We walked down the board walk to the end and found the ferry terminal for the ferries leaving for Fort Myers and Dry Tortugas. We bought tickets for the Dry Tortugas ferry and then headed back for the trailer. Not many photos but a good day non the less.

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