Friday, October 23, 2015

Holbrook to Flagstaff down old Route 66

10/19 We made the drive from Holbrook to Flagstaff taking side trips off onto Route 66. Picture dump for the day. For my friends Tony and Karen who have been traveling Route 66. Some of the sites that you will enjoy!

First stop was back in Holbrook to look at the dinosaurs because Patrick said he wanted to and I didn't want to be accused of not doing anything he wanted to do. 

 On the way back through to I-40 I looked at the Dairy Queen and said, "My dad and I stopped there in 1995 when we drove across country to Phoenix." The things that one remembers out of the blue sky.
Next was Geronimo where they have the world's largest petrified tree.
 See that big trunk sticking up, it is buried six feet under ground to hold it up.
Next stop the Jackrabbit Rabbit Trading post for the how famous "Here it is" sign.

 Then it was on to Winslow Arizona where we stopped at the Standing on a Corner Park. A tribute to the Eagles song "Take it Easy."

 I found Darrel's Root Beer Stand on Google Maps. They have homemade root beer and it is spectacular!

 Down the road is Walnut Creek Canyon National Monument near Flagstaff. We stopped to see more cliff dwellings and trails that were not accessible. At least we got the stamp.

From there we ran into Flagstaff and stayed at Greers Pine Shadow Campground. What can I say I like my television and my electric. That and we have been having trouble keeping the battery charged up to a satisfactory level. I need to put a better charger in the trailer to put enough charge in the battery and keep it charged without boiling off the water. Anyways that will probably be my next project when we get home.

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