Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Patrick's 12th Birthday

March 17, 2014 Known the world over as St. Patrick's Day, here we just call it Patrick's Day. Today he turned 12. There have been big changes in the last 12 years and I expect lots more to come. It has been fun watching him change and develop even just during the short time we have been on this trip. So we went off the Castles and Coasters. Here are the pics from a fun filled day. The only pic I wished I had was when he was on the Sky Diver when it let go at the top. His face was priceless as it came to a stop.
Lets get this party started!

They dressed the car up especially for Patrick's birthday, don't tell Danica.

A view of the mini golf course. There were four courses, all with 18 holes.

Bumper boats require intense concentration.

Desert Storm

Got a little captain in yeah?
The blog never uploaded this pic right side up.

He said he wouldn't ride this one ever again. at least it didn't go upside down.

The park was paved in stamped concrete and there were lots of these stamped flowers. Becky fell in love with them.

He looks happy now......

Not so much when it dropped. He still wants to try sky diving?

The longest line at the park was for these go-carts. A long wait for a seven lap event in a slow cart.

That dude again, he needs a shave.

Patrick contemplates a shot. 

We missed the St. Patrick's Day pet parade at the RV park but the kids had fun dressing up Iris with green hair spray, lights and a bow. Not so sure she was as thrilled as they were.

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