Thursday, February 16, 2017


We took a day trip to Bimini, Bahamas with Don and Robin Thomas, as well as his daughter and her boyfriend. FRS Ferry Service took us over in just under two hours.
Not much to do in Bimini but dive, fish and drink. There is a Holiday Inn on the island and several other old hotels. Hemingway used to spend time here. The place he hung out and had lots of pictures and memorabilia form his time on the island burnt down a few years ago.  Bimini was one of settings in Hemingway's book Islands in the Stream.

They had a ramp to make the ocean accessible.

 We rented a golf cart to roll around in.

This place sells conch salad and cold rum drinks.

A giant pile of conch shells. The shells were everywhere.

Lunch break!

My lunch. B.K.O knock out punch. Man did it ever! Great stuff on a hot day!

Coconut Brian. He mixed rum into the coconut water and make a smooth concoction. He also offered a wide variety of recreational drugs, or so he claimed.

 We had a rushed dinner and got back on the ferry at 5 for a six o'clock sailing. We were back in Miami at 8pm.

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