Thursday, May 26, 2016

Wright Patterson FamCamp and Serpent Mound

May 12th we drove to Wright Patterson Air Force Base to stay at the FamCamp. Its about a two hour drive from where we are staying at my parents. Becky drove down because we don't have the hand controls in the truck yet. (as of 5/26 they are still not in). The trailer swayed quite a bit more than behind the Tahoe. We hadn't emptied the black and grey water tanks yet and that was the cause of the problem. I bought an antisway bar but I will hold off on putting it on until I have driven the rig to see how she handles.

May 13, Friday the 13th and a full moon! We drove down to Serpent Mound to see it once again. Scientist think that the mound was built by one of three cultures, the Adena, Hopewell, or Fort Ancient Culture. It winds over the terrain for eight hundred feet and seven coils. The coils align with the summer and winter solstice and two lunar events. The mound also corresponds with the star patterns in the constellation Draco.

  There is a tower so one can get a bird's eye view of the snake. The tower was built almost one hundred years ago and they keep it in good shape.

 We meandered on the way home and had to drive through a town marked as Bacon Flats. It was just two houses on a T junction.
 We made a loop around connecting through Peebles, Ohio and then over to Seaman. We headed north along Ohio 247. All along the drive and all over Ohio is this infectious weed called rape seed that they farm to make canola oil. Now its everywhere in every field, along the roads and in flower beds and yards. Its pretty but invasive or maybe its pretty invasive.

 Back at the trailer, the cat made her escape. We've been letting her out a little bit and she has been exploring. She used to be an outside cat but has lost to taste for mice. She knows where to get food for free.

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JAKe Hatmacher said...

Evan,Looks like you and fam have been having a good time traveling through Ohio.
I met you this past weekend at the Writers Workshop in Independence. I wish you good travels in your writing and hopefully the agent you talked to is a positive step for you. Stay in touch and let me know how you are doing. Jake Hatmacher;;