Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Fort Matanzas

April 22 Fort Matanzas was a small outpost built by the Spanish to protect the back door to Castilla de San Marcos. Matanzas means "slaughter" in Spanish because the French having washed ashore after a hurricane and a botched attack on the Castilla, were slaughtered by the Spanish. The Spaniards believed that Catholicism was the best religion going and thought those crazy Huguenots worshiped in a different way and needed to die because A. the attacked the fort and B. they were of a different religion.
So that lead us to drive down to the national monument. We arrived to hear the ranger making the last call for the boat and asked if we were going. I said sure we'll go for a boat ride and this is what we saw.

I think the camera has picked up a ghost. It has been taking some weird pictures.

Yours truely. I enjoyed a long talk with Ranger who drove the boat. He has served 15 years at Fort Matanzas and was at Fort Bowie about fifteen years ago. We visited Bowie last winter.

Across the street from the Park was the ocean and it was a mandatory stop. 

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