Friday, October 17, 2014

One week until the auction!

October 23 is the auction for our house here in Kenton, Ohio. If all goes well, it will sell and we will have one less worry while we are on the road. It will also free up capital and house payments. Yeah! More money. Selling the house will force us back into the camper. When we came back in May we ended up moving back in and settling down again but we all feel the gravitational pull of travel and even Patrick is looking forward to going again. Partly because I told him for his birthday we would get him SCUBA lessons.
We all feel better in the trailer and on the road. There is something magical about traveling and exploring. I am so ready to go..
Keep your fingers crossed and say your prayers that God blesses with the sale of our house. Either way we will be looking to get back on the road by the middle of November. Florida, here we come.

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