Monday, January 27, 2014

Big push to the finish/start?

Golly Ned! It is cold outside. Like the rest of the country we are cold. To the bone! I don't go outside much when the weather is this bad so I'm going stir crazy! Snow and wheelchairs don't mix that well especially the knee high drift in my driveway. Glad we have a plow on the ATV.
Hopefully all this clears up and warms up just a bit so that we can finish final preparations to get out of here and go someplace warmer. Becky was plowing the drive and I told her my next drive needed to have radiant heat so we didn't need to plow. She said our next driveway should be someplace warm! Agreed!
In the mean time, we are clearing out the house and trying to get rid of the myriad of stuff that we have collected in 37 years of life and 6 years in this house. Boy, its a lot but its been nice and freeing. I didn't need 57 hoses for attaching a regulator to a scuba tank. Sold on eBay! Giving stuff away, selling stuff and going wow! I remember when or that as we go through the memories.
All the reservations are made through Phoenix. From there I'm not sure where we will go. Patrick announced that if he couldn't be home for his birthday he wanted to be in LA. What? Why? "Cause" he said.
A little more work on the trailer.

Patrick tries the smuggler's den under his bed. He fit!
I built a bench/storage area under the passenger side picture window over the wheel well. That was wasted space anyways so now we have more storage. I put a bike rack on the front of the trailer over the propane tanks. It is an Arvika made in Canada.

Not our camper (I thought I had taken a picture) this is what it looks like installed and with bikes on it. I bought new bolts because I didn't think that some of them were long enough but I like it and think it will work fine for Becky and Patrick's bikes. Mine will just ride in the trailer and sit outside. I've got a bike three wheel handcycle so it doesn't really fit anywhere.
   More cabinets to install and then we can load up. 17 days on my countdown ap.

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